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Philip Winterburn

Once you understand the reason why, and you start to see patterns in the reason why, it allows you to act on the reason why… It’s moving your program reactive, case by case, to proactive.


Patrick Quinlan

The conversation never ends, it only continues. So, when I look at this ethical transformation happening today, I think about this journey. I think about the steps that our society has taken, in a big picture. Over the last 10 years the journey was compliance, the courts, the judges… Now for the first time because of this ethical transformation, it isn’t the 180 million dollar fine, but it is actually the fact that customers are saying no more. People want to have shared values and shared ethics with the companies they buy from.


Ethics for Disruptors

In the fast-paced world of disruptive companies, especially in the early stages of growth, compliance is often considered a “bad word.” Leadership and employees want to disrupt the status quo, and they see compliance as stifling opportunity, innovation, and growth.


Hui Chen

What compliance professionals do should start with people. They should understand the business and know the motivations and preferences of their workforce.

Day 1 Video

There was a time when the cost of doing business wasn’t a piece of your soul… When doing the right thing wasn’t about compliance or regulations.


Day 2 Video

Can you hear it? The growing whisper of a changing world? Convercent Ethics Cloud brings ethics to the center of your business for a better world.

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Wrap Up Blog #1

Is doing the right thing truly important to today’s businesses? The answer appears to be a resounding “yes.”

CONVERGE17 lobby

Wrap-Up Blog #2

After a relaxing evening, industry experts and program leaders gathered again today to share their takeaways.

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