In 2020, CONVERGE will be the first truly global ethics & compliance conference that will span across 14 time zones. By merging our EU & US events, we’re doubling the opportunity for inspiration, growth, and connection to fuel our theme of The Ethics Movement.


The impact of our CONVERGE conferences lies within the quality of our contributors.

Simply put, the event would be nothing without you.


We want to ensure you have everything you could possibly need to make your session a success at the conference. Virtual conference planning is new to us all, so if there’s anything we’re missing or something we haven’t thought of, please let us know!



expected attendees from across the globe during the course of the event


half days of ground-breaking content and unparalleled online networking


tracks for everyone from the Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer to the program co-ordinator


inspiring speakers from ethics, compliance and the wider business community


By the numbers

The conference platform provides you unparalleled access to an engaged community of forward-thinking ethics, compliance, legal and HR professionals seeking inspiration and pragmatic learnings to drive change within their organisations—and the wider communities they serve.

Convercent is on a mission to drive ethics to the center of business for a better world. We need your experience and your voice to ignite our audience in their personal journey to make our mission a movement.

Agenda at a Glance

Tuesday 6 Oct
Convercent Customer Day

10 minutes, one single question – a Convercent executive will unpack your perspective on one of the most pertinent topics facing our world today.

Wednesday 7 Oct
Conference Day 1

Captivate our audience with your story. Take 20 minutes to inspire, inform and command action for those responsible for corporate ethics, integrity and values.

Thursday 8 Oct
Conference Day 2

Whether breakout, panel or roundtable format, lead a 50 minute deep dive on pragmatic tools and learnings; collaborate with industry leaders and drive growth.


How to get setup

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Conference Timeline

Converge20 timeline mobile
Converge20 timeline

CONVERGE20 is going global this year as we, like many other industry conferences, have made the move to a fully virtual event. To accommodate both the EMEA and Americas time zones we have decided to run our keynotes and breakout sessions twice each day, starting in the EMEA and finishing in the US. This does not mean you are limited to one or the other, feel free to attend both if you would like.

The CONVERGE Community

Utilize our growing community of ethics & compliance professionals to help guide your content. Join here if you haven’t already become a member.


  1. Create a new post and in the title of your post, include your session topic in the form of a question (ie: “[session name]: What do you think?”).
  2. Include a quick synopsis of your topic and ask for community member input or questions they may have on the topic.
  3. Tag your fellow panelists, and copy and paste the following to the end of your post: Sign up for CONVERGE20 and attend my session

View an Example


  1. Each CONVERGE20 session will have a connected discussion thread in the CONVERGE community. At the beginning of Q&A, your session moderator will announce the discussion thread and send a link to attendees in the session chat.
  2. Attendees are encouraged to continue the conversation in the discussion thread, so we would love for you to log in after your session and participate.
  3. When on-demand assets are ready, we will post the session recording and the slide deck in the discussion thread.

Helpful Resources

Converge Powerpoint Template

Speaker Powerpoint template

We have created a powerpoint template to help you build-out your slide decks for your sessions. Within you will find prebuilt slides for your use as well as some instructions on the best way to utilize the slide deck.

Download Template

Converge Social Graphics

CONVERGE20 Social Graphics

In our attempt to bring the largest number of ethics and compliance professionals together for CONVERGE20 we have created a number of social graphics that you can use to get your networks excited.

View the Graphics

Contact Us

As we said prior, the impact of our CONVERGE conferences lies within the quality of our contributors. That means all of you. If you are worried about anything, don’t understand how to get set up, or are curious on the best way to run your session, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are here for you.

US Contact

PHONE: +1 970 420 6481

EMAIL: jenna.thomas@convercent.com

UK Contact

PHONE: +44 7708 914 569

EMAIL: gemma.kimber@convercent.com









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