The right hotline and case manager makes dealing with issues easy

An effective hotline provides multiple (consistent) intake channels, such as online, phone hotline and in person through a manager. Case management solutions created for today’s reporting trends will allow you to handle multiple allegations and involved parties within a single case and link to related policies and training information for better insight and more thorough case resolution.

Without a single, integrated solution, there are far too many opportunities for information to slip through the cracks, procedures to be forgotten or not followed and damaging inconsistency. Convercent takes the most difficult aspects of hotline and case management—centralization, consistency and communication—and makes them non-issues.

What's your Compliance Case Management missing?

What is Your Case Management Missing?

Hotlines and case management solutions are often among the first pieces put in place when building a compliance program. The problem is, they may no longer be as effective or efficient as they could be. This infographic walks you through a modern-day case management workflow that highlights key features and elements of success that you may not even realize you’re missing. Learn about the vital features for each type of intake channel and the efficiency drivers for the three distinct stages of case management.

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