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If policies are the backbone of your compliance program, good communication is the veins and training is the muscle. How and how well you communicate and train on your compliance initiatives can make or break the effectiveness of your program. For training and communications to be successful, they must be localized and account for your employees’ different ways of processing information. With Convercent, it’s easy to choose exactly what materials you want to send, whom you want to send it to and when you want it to be sent out. Get—and stay—on top of training and communications so it doesn’t slip from your mind when that next round of training is due.

Customer Testimonial

If we can take what’s being given to our employees and know for certain that they’ve received it, taken it, understood it and then applied it and measure that … then I think we’re going to be showing significant success and top line driving.

James Vitrano General Counsel & SVP of Legal and Risk, Einstein Noah Restaurant Group

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