Due diligence is vital to a successful, compliant partnership—but it’s not a silver bullet

The goal is simple; you need to treat all third party employees exactly like they work for your home organization. No excuses, no missed communications or training, no signing the contract and looking away. What your third party partners do affects your business’ bottom line, reputation and standing in the eyes of federal agencies. You can’t afford to ignore or shortchange third party compliance.

What better way to manage third party risk around the world than with centralized dashboards and communications, and reporting at the click of button? Convercent’s integrated compliance software allows you to evaluate and rank your company’s top risks, no matter where in the world—or the organization—it’s coming from. It takes the guesswork out of compliance by giving you all the data you need from every employee, department and third party vendor in a single software.

Integrated 3rd Party Compliance Management

Integrated 3rd Party Management

Part of a successful risk-based compliance program includes not only internal evaluation, but looking at external third party risk as well. Learn the four core components of 3rd party management in this illustration.

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