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Compliance risk monitoring and mitigation needs to live and breath throughout your entire program. The results of your risk assessments should be weaved into every facet of your program—used to inform policy and training updates, tracked against hotline reports and case investigations, used as a lens to view attestation rates by location and department, and framing information for every board report you give. Easier said than done … until now.

Take all the learnings from your risk assessment and load them directly into a single, centralized location that touches every aspect of your compliance program—Convercent. Convercent’s compliance software is specifically designed as a fully integrated hub that let’s you control your policies and learning, disclosure management and hotline and case management from a single location. Every initiative in Convercent is tied to a specific risk and tracked within your risk manager dashboard.

Convercent Infographic: Compliance Risk

Compliance Risk: Priorities, Trends and Tools

As regulatory requirements grow increasingly complex, organizations are strengthening their focus on risk management. However, companies fall across the spectrum in terms of assessing, understanding and managing compliance risk. This infographic provides a visual snapshot of:

  • The top 10 risks identified by compliance officers
  • The frequency that organizations conduct compliance risk assessments
  • How well boards and employees understand risks
  • The pressure to externally report on organizational risk management

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