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Relying on paper is a messy, inefficient method that makes finding the information you need at any given moment difficult. Instead, invest in a technology solution that will allow you to store, manage and track documentation in a centralized, easily updated, searchable manner. Integrating multiple aspects of compliance management into a single software, Convercent becomes a hub for all your compliance documentation. Search for all records related to a specific employee, a certain policy (or policy version), issue type or any other subset of information without having to log into multiple systems. This repository makes benchmarking, reporting and auditing easier than ever and gives you access to records whenever you need them, wherever you are.

Customer Testimonial

Technology has really been the boon in our business. In the old days everything was paper. Now you have higher technology, it’s easier to pull back data so I can sit at my desk and build all the trends I need.

Patrick Burns Lost Prevention Manager, Cinemark Theatres

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