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Reporting and assessments should be simple, but without the right systems in place, it can be difficult and time consuming. Today’s top compliance solutions make it easy to pull information from different initiatives together to produce a “big picture” view of your program as a whole. Being able to easily see how your policies relate to training results, hotline reports, case investigations and other aspects of your program can help you better identify which policies are working as intend and which ones might need to be updated. Because Convercent is designed to be an integrated solution that allows you to control several aspects of your program from a single software, it offers easier access to deeper insights than you’ve ever had before—not to mention full reports with just a click of the mouse.

Convercent Guide: Beating the Benchmark

Beating the Benchmark

Benchmarking your compliance program against historical performance, industry trends and emerging best practices is vital to program success and continuous improvement. The better you plan, and the deeper you dig, the more useful your benchmarking efforts will be. Be part of the 48% of chief compliance officers who are confident in the metrics they collect. Download our Beating the Benchmark guide to see if your benchmarking efforts are on track.

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