Be your board’s hero—give them information they need and can understand

Odds are your board of directors or oversight committee isn’t made up of compliance experts. Bringing boards up to speed on your compliance program and its impact on the organization’s business objectives is important. To do that you need to present information in a context they can relate to.

With visual dashboards and easy to export reports, Convercent helps you frame your program in a way the oversight committee will understand. Convercent’s risk-based software also makes it easy to tie your data to specific risks that the board is most likely aware of and concerned about. You can easily show how your initiatives are mitigating those risks or why certain areas need more attention and how you’re addressing those issues. Convercent data is easy to consume and understand at every level.

Convercent's Board Reporting Toolkit

Board Reporting Toolkit

Check out this multi-part Board Reporting Toolkit to better understand the value and strategy behind effective conversations between the compliance office and the board. We’ve even included sample board question sets and an example of a board deck to help you frame your own board conversations.

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