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All of your policies, training, hotline, communications, disclosure management and other compliance efforts need to reach every employee (including third parties) in a way that is reasonably clear and effective for them. Convercent is software for 21st century compliance. Providing natively integrated solutions, Convercent puts your policy and learning management, risk management, disclosure management and hotline and case management all in one cloud-based platform. Accessible from anywhere and partnered with a mobile app, Convercent makes it easy for compliance professionals to manage their programs from anywhere and employees around the world to participate in a timely, easy fashion.

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What we're looking to do is leverage the services out there to help make that connect with our employees so that they understand all of our policies, they understand all of our training mechanisms, they understand all of our risk management principles in a non-archaic way that meets with the expectations of this workforce.

James Vitrano General Counsel & SVP of Legal and Risk, Einstein Noah Restaurant Group

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