The Workshop Edition: On Demand Insights for Your Compliance Program

Workshop recordings, templates, worksheets, and more

Our first-ever Workshop Edition of CONVERGE is officially behind us, and you know what that means? On-demand content, including workshop recordings, guided activities, and more are now at your disposal—targeted to the specific challenges you’re facing within your ethics and compliance program. Below, you’ll find the links to each workshop’s on-demand recording and all associated resources. Please note: you must be a CONVERGE community member and signed in to access all content. It’s free to sign up if you haven’t already!

CONVERGE21: The Workshop Edition Keynotes

Is trust intricately woven into the fabric of your organization? Do your employees know that their concerns are taken seriously? Tune into the CONVERGE keynotes for a reality check on where we stand now, a glimpse at the future of business, and a map for how we’ll get from here to there.

Disclosure Automation

Do you have the building blocks in place today that will allow you to automate compliance tasks tomorrow? If you’re not sure—or the answer is no—tune into this workshop and download the worksheets to get started. Plus, we dive into a risk scenario based on the recent blockage of the Suez Canal—you don’t want to miss that!

Data Privacy

It’s 2021—do you know where your data is? Don’t be afraid to find out! Download the Data Privacy Shield worksheets, test your knowledge with some trivia and a case study, and hear from the experts on exactly where you should be focusing your limited data privacy resources.

Data-Driven Risk Assessment

The Department of Justice expects your risk assessments to be updated in nearly real time. Our team of experts demonstrates how, using a sample data set to build the foundation of risk management. Follow along and use the worksheet to start building your own real-time risk assessment program.

Behavioral Science and Data

Are you relying on your employees’ “better angels” to help them make good decisions? Or are you making good decisions easy using the principles of behavioral science? Watch this session and follow along on the worksheet to hear how a behavioral scientist, ethics and compliance practitioner, and anti-bribery consultant Richard Bistrong recommend you put behavioral science in practice today.

Think Like a Marketer

Whether you know it or not, your compliance program has a brand; if you want that brand to be engaging and helpful to your overall compliance goals, you have work to do. And brand is just the beginning! This workshop dives into the marketing fundamentals that will increase program awareness, drive engagement with your Code of Conduct, and win over your employees for repeated ethical behaviors.


Can you spot the warning signs before your corporate culture slides into crisis mode? In this workshop, walk through an evolving crisis, spotting red flags and opportunities for improvements along the way. Plus, a whole list of associated resources will help guide you toward the best practices for establishing an ethical, values-driven culture.


Retaliation rates are on the rise, according to the latest Global Business Ethics Survey from the Ethics and Compliance Initiative, with 61% of employees globally reporting that they experienced retaliation. And it’s a challenging issue to tackle, with so many forms of retaliation happening subtly or out of sight. Tune into this workshop now, as anti-retaliation experts tackle the challenges and download a summary of the workshop’s takeaways.


The ESG framework is moving away from a nice-to-have item for investors, to a measurable competitive advantage among customers and employees. But what is the role of ethics and compliance in driving ESG initiatives? This workshop will help you map out the key metrics your company needs to measure and situate your role among the wide array of ESG stakeholders. Watch today and start measuring tomorrow.

The Ethics Movement Showcase

It doesn’t get much better than real-life ethics and compliance practitioners sharing their stories of successful initiatives, from employee engagement to helpline branding and more. In this session, Convercent customers share how they overcame common challenges to drive better business value.

What’s next?


This fall, we’re taking CONVERGE hybrid! That’s right, our flagship CONVERGE21 conference this October will take place both online and in person. Stay tuned for more details and follow us on LinkedIn to be among the first to know when registration goes live.