Speaking up. Taking action.

Two weeks ago, the world watched Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin kneel on George Floyd’s neck for eight minutes and 46 seconds, ending in Floyd’s tragic and unnecessary death. While he was dying, three more officers did nothing but stand by and watch this injustice occur. They stood silent.

For us, silence is not an option. Black lives matter—and we cannot be silent if we are to end the systemic racism and injustice that continues to kill unarmed Black people. At Convercent, we believe each of us—citizens, government, and businesses too—have a role to play in demanding justice and accountability on behalf of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and the thousands of other Black lives taken by police brutality and white supremacy.

We are part of the ethics and compliance community, which emphasizes speaking up against misconduct. We, too, are speaking up and speaking out. We will not stay silent in the moments that matter most.

Instead, at Convercent, we are having the uncomfortable, necessary conversations that bring about change and, more importantly, we are naming the ways in which we will do better and do more. We are learning together about the centuries of oppression that have led to the frustration and anguish of this moment. We commit to looking inward, and we commit to taking increased anti-racist action as a company.

That commitment includes fostering conversation within our organization and the ethics and compliance community, continuing our awareness and education around the stories and experiences of the Black community, engaging with our community to support anti-racism efforts and organizations, and examining how our SaaS solutions can aid the fight against injustice now and in the long term. Our plan is to do each of those things in the following ways:

1. Fostering conversation:

  • We commit to engaging in an ongoing dialogue, both internal and external, on race and injustice. Employee trainings on race and bias begin this week.
  • We will invite and pay Black speakers and activists to educate all Convercent employees on anti-racism.

2. Awareness, education, and action:

  • Convercent employees commit to sharing resources with one another and the ethics and compliance community, to make sure that the effort goes beyond conversation to inspire collective action.
  • We are creating an anti-racism resource center for Convercent employees, customers, and the ethics and compliance community in general. In the meantime, we encourage everyone to use and share this list of anti-racism resources.

3. Community participation:

  • Today, June 8, Convercent employees and leaders are joining marches in Denver to add our voices to the fight against injustice and to honor the life of George Floyd and so many others.
  • We will commit our time, resources, and money to anti-racist organizations, initiatives, and events in our communities. We will leverage the community we’re building to maximize the impact of these efforts.

4. Product impact:

  • Our SaaS solutions are built to enhance accountability in business; we commit to exploring how we can enable them to enhance accountability in law enforcement and government as well.
  • We will review our current SaaS solutions and strengthen their abilities to empower individuals to speak up, specifically on injustice and inequity in workplaces of all kinds.

We understand that it is essential for our words, our support, and our actions to continue and grow if they are to spark real change and make our businesses and communities safe for Black people. As a company, we will review these efforts regularly to hold ourselves accountable. We also understand that true accountability means we must continually look in the mirror as a company to ensure that our workforce, leadership, and hiring practices reflect our commitment to equality.

Justice is something we must fight for every day. Convercent will be a partner and a resource to the ethics and compliance community in this fight, because we can’t do it alone. We challenge our customers, our community, and the entire ethics and compliance profession to join us in this fight and hold each other accountable.

Silence is unacceptable. Accountability is undeniable. Equality is nonnegotiable.

Black lives matter.


Convercent Executive Leadership Team:

Patrick Quinlan, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Philip Winterburn, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Lane Brannan, Chief Revenue Officer

Jennifer Jaffe, Chief Product Officer

Jon Kalstein, Chief Financial Officer

Rachel Gerace, Chief People Officer

Jamey Miller, EVP Research & Development

Asha Palmer, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer


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