New Advisory Board Supports Company Executives and Organization

Convercent Advisory Board is packed with industry experts and seasoned professionals

Today is an exciting day – we announced something we’ve been working on assembling for months. Low and behold we are honored to present: The Convercent Advisory Board. Here’s the “official” news release that was distributed this morning.

We’re dubbing this great body of professionals “The CAB” and we looked near and far for only the best and brightest in the industry. We are allying with the CAB, a first of its kind for the company, to continue to modernize the industry on a global scale. We look to this forward-thinking group for their strategic insight that only those with seasoned experience and who have seen the industry ebb and flow through regulatory changes, technology adoption and a changing workforce can provide. From a cultural perspective to a legal, entrepreneur, academic, practitioner, technology and even a neuroscience perspective, the goal is to provide our clients the best partner experience the industry has to offer.

I believe the CAB will benefit Convercent and our vision, and also show our customers that we are constantly improving our strategy to remain relevant in the compliance industry.” – Patrick Quinlan, CEO, Convercent

The Advisory Board is comprised of the following professionals:

CAB + Convercent = Your expert-packed trusted advisor in all things compliance.
Often times, we hear that adopting new technology can be intimidating, restricted by budget (or lack thereof), scary, overwhelming, etc., especially, if you find yourself in a compliance role somewhat by accident. That is if you are in HR or the GC of your company and put in charge of heading up compliance. You may not have the best practices down as well as you do in your native role or you’re just simply looking for ways to improve and stay up-to-date with the evolving industry, with the trusted alliance that has been formed between Convercent and the CAB, we are at the ready to be your trusted advisor in determining best practices and putting insights into action.

If you’re a well-versed compliance professional and sitting in the CCO seat, the CAB is added assurance that compliance is not going anywhere anytime soon, and in fact, there is a greater amount of emphasis being placed on the role by the powers that be in the nation’s capital all the way to tech companies like us who are helping to give you the tools you need to keep pace.

CAB members speaking at Converge’16
Our invite-only event, Converge’16, is taking place this September right here in the Mile High City. At the fall event, some of the CAB members will be taking center stage to address the audience and share their unique compliance insights based on their individual backgrounds and contributions to the industry. Learn more about Converge.

Put your hands together and welcome the CAB to the Convercent team!