Mind the gap – Convercent is now in London!

New office in London's South Bank district represents commitment to local clients and company growth

den_lonToday marks a milestone for Convercent. This morning, we unlocked the doors of our first UK-based office in the South Bank district of Central London. It’s not only iconic for London but symbolizes so much for the growth of this company, the importance of our clients abroad and how seriously we take every single relationship.

It’s not only one of those days when you take a step back and look at how far you’ve come but a moment that allows you to clearly see what is ahead, and that is one of the rarest and most remarkable feelings to have as a CEO.

We are proud to share our world-class Convercent team of innovators and product with our compliance peers in Europe. We have several awesome and loyal clients there today and thank them for their support as we built Convercent up to this point.

As a company, we are very proud of how far we have come since Convercent was first established in Denver. The new office is a reflection of the support of our customers and the hard work of Convercent colleagues.” – Keith Read, Managing Director, Europe

This is a critical time for us a company. It’s a time when heroes are made; a time that we continue to influence people to make data-backed ethical decisions that help companies operate safely. When our clients open up our product and see our logo in the upper left-hand corner, we want them to believe in it, to trust it and to know it’s helping them do their job. Having incredible talent represent us in London and take the lead as we chart more pathways in the European, Middle East and African markets, contributes to this for our clients.

We are not only unique in our industry but we are a truly unique organization — not just because of our software, but the individuals that engage with our customers on a daily basis. The caliber of individuals we have in Europe currently are setting the foundation for the team both abroad and stateside. Our clients will have real-time on-site expertise.

They bring a tremendous amount of talent and expertise on-site with our clients and help spread the Convercent word.

Our end goal is simple: to make an integrated solution to help make the everyday life and job of a compliance professional easier and more effective.  And now, we are honored to be physically represented in London.

Onward and upward,