How to Manage Conflict of Interest Disclosures

Everything we’ve published about conflicts of interest and managing your disclosures process

Visibility into your organization is more important than ever, and disclosures are a key source of information for your compliance program. Ensure that you’re maximizing participation in the disclosure process with these resources that we’ve put together all about conflict of interest disclosures.

Key requirements for effective conflict of interest disclosure management

The disclosure process is an integral part of any ethics and compliance program—but gaps in the process can become major threats for an organization. Check out this guide to learn the key requirements for building a successful disclosure management process for better insights into your risk areas.

Operationalizing disclosures for maximum compliance impact

In this customer story, learn how the Juniper Networks global compliance team maximized their influence on the business, started creating a more ethical culture, and gained better data and insights by implementing a streamlined, intuitive disclosures process.

Reduce conflict of interest disclosure paperwork while minimizing risk

In this eBook, you’ll learn how uncovering conflicts of interest and proactively managing them can save your business and your career. Key topics include:

  • Disclosure fundamentals and common conflict of interest scenarios, plus some not so common ones
  • The high cost of conventional conflicts of interest management, including industry examples
  • Best practices for managing conflicts of interest
  • Key considerations for a conflict of interest disclosure system

Standardize practices and provide a central portal for compliance information

Protecting the high-value merchandise of a specialty jewelry retailer while complying with complex trade regulations, financing rules, and third-party guidelines requires a variety of resources and processes. See how Signet Jewelers successfully accomplished their “One Signet” goal by unifying their conflict of interest disclosures process and their culture.

Scale up your compliance program

CECOs recognize that COI risk isn’t limited to senior employees, but often feel as if they don’t have the resources to expand their program to a wider employee population. But covering all your employees doesn’t have to create hours of additional work.

Learn more about a dedicated disclosures manager