Compliance and Ethics in Review: November 2, 2018

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#MeToo reignites in Britain, artificial intelligence and ethics, Ben & Jerry’s gets political & more.

Join the Convercent team for a weekly review of the top stories and most newsworthy events in the ethics and compliance industry. The focus is global, but you might be surprised by how relevant these stories are, both across borders and businesses.

Sir Philip Green named in Parliament as businessman at centre of Britain’s #MeToo scandal

The #MeToo movement has reignited in Britain. Sir Philip Green, owner of the popular retail chain Topshop, has been named in Parliament as the accused. He was identified by Lord Hain, the former Leader of the House of Commons, who felt a “duty” to reveal the name using parliamentary privilege.

In response, Prime Minister Theresa May has, “confirmed the government will look at ways to improve rules around the confidentiality orders and make it “explicit” to companies when they cannot be used.”

Convercent attends the Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics (SCCE) Annual Conference

From October 21-24, 2018, a group of Convercent team members hosted a booth showcasing Insights Reporting and Insights with Benchmarking, along with all of the applications on the Convercent Ethics Cloud Platform. We were joined by more than 1,700 dedicated compliance and ethics professionals, and 2 Convercent customers presented at well-attended sessions:

  • Building the Bridge to Better Partnering – What Works!

Tedra Foster, Senior Director Ethics and Compliance, Herbalife

  • Building Culture through Communication and Engagement

Keturah Pestel, Manager, Business Ethics Office, Thrivent Financial

Will Artificial Intelligence Save Us From the Next Cyber Attack?

News of massive data breaches caused by cyber attacks seem to have dominated the news since 2017, but can artificial intelligence help us win the “arms race against hackers”? This article from Ozy attempts to answer that question, and the technological advancements being described are nothing short of extraordinary.

AI was one of the most innovative topics we talked about during CONVERGE18, Convercent’s annual conference that brings ethics and compliance professionals and experts together. You can re-watch Microsoft’s fascinating talk on AI’s ethical implications here:

The Future Computed: Artificial Intelligence and its Role in Society.

Engler changes MSU’s compliance structure. Here’s why experts are skeptical.

After disgraced Michigan State University doctor Larry Nassar was accused of sexually assaulting more than 200 female students and athletes, a new compliance office was formed. The office’s initial order of business was ensuring that MSU was complying with ethical obligations under federal Title IX rules while breaking down organizational silos. Then, the mission got broader: cover the entire university and establish an ethics code.

With the compliance office and internal audit office now combined into one department, some insiders are wondering about the efficacy of this new plan. Most experts agree that keeping the internal audit and compliance offices separate is a best practice… but MSU appears committed to this new plan.

Ben & Jerry’s Goes After Donald Trump With Its Latest Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry’s has never shied away from taking a stand. Now, the ice cream company is launching a new flavor of ice cream with a, “sprinkling of activism.” Pecan Resist is a new limited-edition flavor that’s meant to be a response to several of the current administration’s most hotly contested policies.

Do you think CEOs should take a stand on social issues? It’s a question every leader has to answer, but it’s not an easy decision. For more on this trending industry topic, watch this panel of experts debate the issue:

CEO as Activist: Whose Role is it Anyway?

What the Google employees are demanding

On Thursday November 1st, Google employees worldwide walked out of their offices with a list of demands. This coordinated protest called attention to the tech company’s “destructive culture” and its handling of sexual harassment and discrimination.

Five major, yet reasonable, changes are being demanded:

  • A commitment to end pay and opportunity inequity.
  • A publicly disclosed sexual harassment transparency report.
  • A clear and inclusive process for reporting sexual misconduct safely and anonymously.
  • For the chief diversity officer to report directly to the CEO and make recommendations to the board of directors, plus the appointment of an employee representative to the board.

If you listened to Patrick Quinlan’s CONVERGE18 keynote highlighting the importance of organizational justice, the actions of Google’s employees might not be that shocking. Now, more than ever, employees are demanding justice. If you missed the keynote, download a replay here: CONVERGE18 Keynote: Ethics in Action.