The Ethical Transformation: The Discussion Continues on Day Two of CONVERGE17

It’s Day Two of CONVERGE17 and one thing is clear: it’s good to know that we’re all in this ethical transformation together. The shift is requiring businesses to think and act differently, and we need to join forces to navigate today’s complex ethics and compliance landscape.

Another thing we’re clear about? The Beef Bourguignon served last night at our dinner event at the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum was superb. Fortunately for us, Convercent CEO Patrick Quinlan is a self-proclaimed Julia Child groupie and has a deep appreciation for her recipes.

After a relaxing evening, Industry experts and program leaders gathered again today to share best practices and gain new insights in important program areas such as:

  • Using root cause to understand organizational behavior
  • Staying alert to retaliation monitoring
  • The importance of open-door reporting
  • The changing landscape of international relations

In addition, we unveiled several new Convercent Ethics Cloud platform solutions and capabilities:

  • Mobile texting intake for Convercent Helpline
  • Convercent Third Party
  • Benchmarking for Convercent Insights
  • Concur integration

Following two days of keynotes, breakout sessions and networking activities, attendees such as general counsels and CCOs are returning to their organizations energized and empowered to deliver more innovative ethics and compliance programs. Some key takeaways from today:

  • Root cause: once you understand the reason why and you start to see patterns in those whys, you can take action, moving your program beyond reactive case by case management
  • The reason you’re writing those policies is purely defensive; you’re not actually changing human behavior
  • It’s important to engage employees on the devices and in the format they’re used to communicating with
  • Ethics and compliance is far more data-driven today than yesterday, and companies must leverage technology to optimize that data and “separate the signal from the noise”
  • Culture and values can serve as quality assurance for your company when they help guide your decision-making
  • Ensuring that your employees have a voice is a crucial element of risk management
  • Root cause analysis is a critical tool to understand the external and behavioral contributing factors that lead to underlying misconduct
  • Nothing will shut down your whistleblower helpline faster than word of someone being retaliated against
  • According to Ethisphere research, more than 70% of non-compliance issues are revealed through open-door reporting
  • You must compare apples to apples or benchmarking is useless
  • Having good policy documents does not make you compliant
  • Data allows you to be proactive and targeted in your program
  • If you want an ethical supply chain, get an ethical supply chain

Check the CONVERGE17 site for a look at keynote speeches and other highlights from this year’s exciting event.