Employee engagement and compliance

Creating a culture of engagement with your compliance program

We’ve heard it time and again: increasing employee engagement with your compliance program is a serious challenge.

Modern businesses are dealing with a younger workforce, team members that are scattered across time zones and cultures—not to mention business units where some employees don’t use a company computer or email. So how do you even reach them, let alone engage them effectively and earn their trust?

It’s a tall order, especially when you consider that compliance teams are often just a couple of employees who must communicate closely with a workforce of thousands.

Fortunately, you’re not alone. While building a product suite that revolves around compliance and ethics, we’ve researched the industry, spoken to hundreds of our customers, and interviewed experts in the field to find out what actually works. Below, we’ve gathered all the resources you need to increase employee engagement with your compliance program.

Increasing employee engagement with your compliance program

First things first: do your employees know your compliance program exists? It might seem like a crazy question, but your employees have a long to-do list and you’re competing for their attention. Check out Keith Read’s five tips for effective messaging that will get your program noticed.

Marketers are experts at getting messages out—so tap into their expertise. We’ve gathered pro tips from marketers on identifying your audience so you can reach them more effectively, planning awareness campaigns, and increasing engagement with your program.

With thousands of employees dispersed across the globe, Albemarle Corporation’s Chief Compliance Officer Andrew McBride shares his expertise on not only increasing awareness, but actually changing behavior—plus, using data to continually improve.

Tailoring the message to different audiences

Is your compliance messaging one-size-fits-all? It might work for small, homogeneous teams, but that’s not the reality for most companies today. Check out our webinar with Broadcat on how to increase participation and ease discussions across varying cultures and business units, including lessons learned from two Chief Ethics and Compliance Officers.

Using data and technology to engage employees and track effectiveness

Imagine knowing exactly which section of your Code of Conduct was getting the most attention, or being able to chart exactly which types of disclosures were trending up and down this quarter, or even knowing which regional locations were least engaged with your compliance program. Read a real-life example of a Head of Compliance who’s using data to surface opportunities for improvement in her employee engagement and compliance program.

Creating a safe environment to speak up

A key factor in engaging employees with your compliance program is making sure they feel safe enough to do so. A recent Forrester report outlines the exact steps to take to make sure you’re fostering a speak-up culture, and includes the business case for protecting whistleblowers.

More resources for employee engagement

Required regulatory language can feel like it gets in the way of providing consumable, relevant information for your employees. After all, humans are emotional beings, and we respond more readily to emotional triggers, not dry legalese. Try using humor to increase engagement with your compliance program.

Ethical decision-making is a lot easier in theory (or in training) than it is in practice. Check out this article from the Harvard Business Review on why that is and how to counteract it.

Unethical behavior usually stems from a toxic culture. Skillsoft and Compliance Week examined how toxic cultures arise, what leads to system misconduct, and actions that leaders can take to prevent and reform toxic company cultures.

Make your compliance program accessible to engage more employees

When employees have a single, accessible portal where they can find your Code of Conduct, policies, company values, and more, it’s easy for them to engage with your program. Check out our Ethics & Compliance Portal, or request a demo below to see what it looks like in action.

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