Data-Driven Ethics & Compliance Arrives Today

Today is a very exciting day for Convercent because we released Convercent Insights, establishing a market leader for ethics and compliance analytics. While we’re very proud of the application and its huge impact on customers’ success, what it represents is even larger.

Until now, Ethics and Compliance leaders have had no way of quantifying their programs. No way of getting measurable feedback on the success of their programs. No way to proactively identify areas of improvement by spotting potential issues in their compliance programs. Essentially, they’ve been working in the dark.

Advanced CECOs who wanted a comprehensive view of metrics across all elements of their program, would be facing a time-consuming, labor-intensive, multi-tool effort. And ultimately, they would be making today’s decisions with yesterday’s data.

Now, CECOs can address information blindness with Convercent Insights, which synthesizes company-wide ethics and compliance data. Convercent Insights allows CECOs to identify issues before they escalate, make better, faster decisions, and showcase the effectiveness of their program to company leadership.

James Vitrano, General Counsel and Vice President at Ruby Tuesday put it this way. “Convercent Insights will allow us to quickly identify employment trends in our stores across the country by region and enable us to ensure we are listening to our invaluable team members. It will also allow us to proactively enhance our employment environment and ultimately our guests’ experience.”

Convercent Insights offers best practice dashboards, defined by industry practitioners, and automates manual data preparation. With the dashboards and visualizations built into Convercent Insights, CECOs can use a display-discover-decide approach to lead the executive team to think strategically about culture, policy, and training with a depth and breadth of analysis not available from siloed systems and data.

Understand human behavior

  • Quickly and visually review substantiated violations and identify outliers through regional heat maps and other filters
  • Identify patterns in root cause analysis enabling proactive action to prevent future incidents from occurring
  • Conduct meaningful analysis and risk assessment across thousands of issues and conflict of interest disclosures

Measure program effectiveness

  • Review case open and close cycle times, case volumes and investigative performance
  • Demonstrate how policy and training programs correlate to and affect trends in reported issues
  • Automate distribution of dashboards to your CEO and board on the metrics that matter

Our release of Convercent Insights today is just the beginning of leveraging data and analytics in the Convercent Ethics Cloud to help our customers take their organization to new levels.