Cutting-edge policy portal now expected by the DOJ

A searchable, trackable policy portal is now table stakes—but don’t just take our word for it. The DOJ says so!

Have you put much thought into your policy portal? If not, maybe it’s time to start. Buried deep within the DOJ’s recent updated guidance are two new sentences that deserve special attention:

“Have the policies and procedures been published in a searchable format for easy reference?”

“Does the company track access to various policies and procedures to understand what policies are attracting more attention from relevant employees?”

How many compliance programs have invested thousands of hours and millions of dollars developing robust and comprehensive policies, procedures, and standards only to condemn them to a digital wasteland buried deep within your corporate intranet, never to see the light of day? At best they occasionally get dusted off and sent to unsuspecting employees to “read” and attest to their adherence to these dusty artifacts of do and do not.

This is a far cry from monitoring which policies attract attention and who reads them…

“Our undivided attention can be captured for long periods of time, provided that content creators and presenters use the right bait: relevant, engaging content that features great stories and highly compelling visuals.”

As forward-thinking E&C programs move away from overbearing, lengthy training and towards short, engaging video snippets, so too we see many moving away from legalese-heavy, lengthy, and verbose policy documents and towards shorter, principle-based communications. This move is to be applauded, particularly as you consider how the attention span of society is shifting. We are all regularly submitted to shorter, faster, and more intense signals. You only have to dig up an old favorite movie to see how much more rapidly camera angles shift in today’s productions. [Try it: watch the beginning of two movies, one modern, and one 20+ years old. Every time the perspective shifts, start counting and note the difference.] According to James Cutting, a psychologist at Cornell who has been studying the evolution of filmmaking, the average length of a shot went from 12 seconds in 1930 to 2.5 seconds in 2014.

This article in Time magazine shows how our average attention span dropped from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2015 (allegedly shorter than a goldfish). But more importantly, Entrepreneur magazine published this interesting report, that builds on these earlier studies demonstrating how our attention span is evolving rather than shrinking, and that how we communicate must evolve to capture and retain the attention of our audience:

“Our undivided attention can be captured for long periods of time, provided that content creators and presenters use the right bait: relevant, engaging content that features great stories and highly compelling visuals.”

Are your policies laced with “great stories and highly compelling visuals”?

If you are one of the Convercent customers that has launched an Ethics & Compliance Portal, then your answer is a resounding “Yes!”

From “digital basement” to an interactive policy portal

The Ethics and Compliance Portal turns your E&C program into a rich, multi-media online experience for your company. Employees can intuitively engage with your policies, videos, interactive Q&A, and awareness vignettes that you invest so much time in acquiring and producing. It presents your policies as engaging content, full of compelling visuals, and tells the stories that holds your audience’s attention.

It also provides the ability to send targeted campaigns to high risk employees, pulling them into the experience. No more hiding in the digital basement—a policy portal like the Ethics and Compliance Portal brings your E&C program into the light of day.

On the back end, rich engagement analytics provide insights into who engaged, for how long, who read which policies, and who watched which videos (and how far through the video they got).

We’ve long believed that interactive, searchable, trackable compliance programs and policy portals are the future of our industry, and the 2020 DOJ Update just reinforces that vision. But more than just meeting the DOJ’s expectations, think about the impact this level of engagement will have on your company, think about the power of alignment, greater integrity and elevated performance.

If you’re curious, request a demo of the Ethics and Compliance Portal below, click here to see what a cutting-edge Ethics and Compliance Portal looks like, or hear what it’s like to make the switch from our friends at Avanos, who unveiled their new policy portal onstage at our event CONVERGE19.

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