Countdown to CONVERGE21: The Workshop Edition

With just a week left before this game-changing event, what can you look forward to?

Next week, over a thousand ethics and compliance practitioners will gather virtually for CONVERGE21: The Workshop Edition. This brand-new event format features eight two-hour workshops spread across two days and it’s unlike any other event in compliance. Want to know what sets it apart? Keep reading for the details and a breakdown of each workshop. 

Deep dives on challenging topics

Have you ever attended a conference session that spends 45 minutes on high-level strategy and then ends right as they’re getting to the good part—the actual tactics? We’ve designed this event so that each workshop can get into the weeds on a specific topic that we know is deeply relevant to your compliance program and challenging for your team to tackle.

Actionable takeaways

Speaking of tactics, these workshops are all about doing the work. The experts and practitioners who’ve planned these sessions and will be hosting them are laser-focused on providing you with the tools you need to start transforming your compliance program not after the event ends…but instead, right in the middle of the workshop. By the time you walk away, you’ll have already kicked off the work.


We may be virtual, but that doesn’t mean we can’t collaborate. Throughout The Workshop Edition, participants will work together on worksheets, activities, templates, trivia, and more, using the event chat, polls, collaboration tools, and breakout sessions.


Does the thought of virtual networking—or just networking in general—make you cringe? Thanks to the “Connect” feature of our event platform, we’re taking some of the pain out of traditional networking. When you click on “Connect,” you’ll be randomly paired with another attendee for a three-minute video call. Three minutes! That’s it. You can do anything for three minutes, right?

Plus, you can view your fellow attendees under the “People” tab and schedule video meetings to catch up with up to four people at a time.

CEUs and CLEs

We have applied for CEUs and CLEs, and you will receive credits four to six weeks after the end of the event.

The workshops

Want to know exactly what’s in store for you next week? Check out the workshop descriptions below. And don’t forget to save your seat! You can build a custom schedule by adding individual keynotes and workshops to your calendar under the “+ to calendar” tab of the event platform.

Automation is a Mindset. It Starts with Repeatable, Scalable Processes

Wed 5 May | 10am – 12pm BST & MDT

This workshop will see participants build out a repeatable process for managing conflicts of interest based on their potential risk impact. We’ll explore how technology could enable automated conflicts management in the future but in the meantime, we’ll use a scalable framework as a solid foundation.

From Fear to Enthusiasm: Embracing Data Privacy with Confidence

Wed 5 May | 10am – 12pm BST & MDT

This workshop is focused on taking the fear of the unknown with data privacy. We’ll have data privacy experts uncover where our common vulnerabilities lie in ethics and compliance. It might even be fun!

Changing the Conversation: How Behavioural Science Should Inform the Way you Speak to the Business

Wed 5 May | 12.30 – 2.30pm BST & MDT

We’ve spoken about behavioural science for 3+ years, this workshop is how we put it in practice. Learn the ways we, as ethics and compliance leaders, should be communicating with our organisation; the way we speak to our hotline, the way we conduct investigations and ultimately how we engage employees in our programme.

Demystifying Data & Analytics: Leverage What you Have for Effective Risk Management

Wed 5 May | 12.30 – 2.30pm BST & MDT & MDT

Join this workshop to collaboratively analyse different data sets you are likely collecting from your programme. We’ll outline how you can effectively action the data that you do have to make informed decisions which are defensible to regulators. 

Think Like a Marketer: Create a Buzz About Your Code of Conduct

Thu 6 May | 10am – 12pm BST & MDT

In this interactive workshop we’ll leverage sales and marketing frameworks to breakdown how you should advertise your code of conduct, policies, and more to catch the attention of your employee base and lead them to your desired actions.

Anti-Retaliation Measures that Stand in the New Age of Whistleblowing

Thu 6 May | 10am – 12pm BST & MDT

This workshop will uncover the unsettling reality of retaliation in 2021 across the globe. We’ll leverage a retaliation risk framework and ideate the appropriate control measures to common scenarios so that we can introduce an approach to anti-retaliation which meets EU Directive requirements.

The Culture Code/Silence of the Corporate Lambs

Thu 6 May | 12.30 – 2.30pm BST & MDT

This workshop-style session immerses you in a mythical world where we’ll collaboratively crack the code on how we truly influence culture. This exercise will have you consider the common challenges with measuring culture and hear from peers who have made a tangible impact on corporate culture.

How to Integrate your Programme with ESG and Key Business Initiatives

Thu 6 May | 12.30 – 2.30pm BST & MDT

Join this workshop which will uncover the latest hot topic in the industry–ESG is permeating everything; from how we do business, to where companies make financial investments, to what regulators will govern. Lets collaboratively explore how we determine our role in ESG.

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