CONVERGE18: And Now For Something Completely Different

Mark your calendars for October 9-11, 2018, because the ethics and compliance industry’s most innovative and, dare I say it, FUN conference is returning to Denver for its third year.

Last year, visionaries from companies around the world gathered to examine the importance of driving ethics to the center of business for a better world. This year, we’re continuing that discussion with a focus on the how part of the equation.

When you join us at CONVERGE18 in October, you’ll learn exactly how it’s done.

Why attend CONVERGE18?

That whole better business for a better world thing I just mentioned? This year, CONVERGE18 is all about making that better world a part of our realities, and we’ll do it by weaving ethics into everyday business operations.

You’ll learn about the nitty gritty details of aligning ethics with business goals and strategy, with plenty of opportunities to ask questions and engage in thoughtful discussion along the way. The presentations will be fascinating, useful, and thought-provoking, but that’s not my favorite part of this conference, not by a long shot.

The best part of an event like CONVERGE18 is interacting with everyone in the ethics and compliance industry. It goes back to what Philip Winterburn, Convercent’s Chief Product Officer, said last year when he talked about the importance of adopting innovations early on:

From the early pioneers of Colorado, to today’s ethics professionals who are bringing ethics to the center of their business worlds, taking advantage of innovations allows everyone to thrive. But, here’s the clincher: Growth is only possible when we all come together as a community.

I’m paraphrasing Philip’s words a bit (full disclosure: he never said, “here’s the clincher”), but I think you get the point.

Not your typical compliance conference

You might be thinking, “Ugh, not another boring compliance conference.”

We know, we know. There are tons of conferences in the world, but CONVERGE18 is different because the market is different, and the market is different because the role of Chief Compliance Officer has changed drastically.

If a business wants to increase profits, it must maintain brand integrity by managing reputational risk. Customers hold the power now, and they’re buying things that align with their own ethics and values.

Think about what happened to United after a passenger was dragged off the plane: They lost over a billion dollars in value, overnight. It may have been legal, but it sure wasn’t ethical.

Social media’s influence on the Chief Compliance Officer role

After the United debacle, angry consumers took to social media. Before Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms, customers couldn’t speak out easily on a massive scale. Now, all it takes is a few keystrokes and clicks.

What does that mean for CCOs, Chief Integrity Officers, and others? It means they have to be agile, responding to customer concerns immediately. It means businesses need to have a program in place before the bad stuff happens.

As Philip said last year, “If we’re being defensive, we’re not doing our jobs. Because we’re not actually changing human behavior.”

(No paraphrasing on Philip’s behalf this time around.)

What to expect from CONVERGE18

It’s obvious that today’s most successful businesses absolutely must be ethical, right down to their cores. Today’s CCOs are focused on providing business value through high-performing ethics programs, and their role is now strategic to the business.

CONVERGE18 will feature visionary leaders talking specifically about the role of CCO, and how it can provide business value now and into the future. Throughout the 24 breakout sessions and several interactive roundtables, these leaders will share exactly how their companies have woven ethics into everyday operations.

We’re still hammering out the exact details, but here’s a taste of what you can expect:

  • Ethics in Action: The tools you need to cultivate a speak up culture.
  • Life with GDPR
  • Data Privacy and Security Best Practices
  • Convercent Innovations: Hands-on learning about the solutions we offer. Our engineers will even be there, so don’t miss out on their expertise.
  • CECO at the Center: Your role within the executive team.
  • Presentation Skills: How to influence your audience.

… and so much more.

What CONVERGE18 isn’t

We’re all about transparency at Convercent, so I want to share what CONVERGE18 isn’t:

  • A typical trade show with vendors schlepping products. We’ll talk about how Convercent can help you, but that’s not the main point. The main point is to discuss the industry, it’s future, your legacy, and how we call all be better, together.
  • Dry, boring, or overly technical. Ethics and compliance can be a fun, and fascinating, topic when you bring the right people together. When you’re surrounded by visionaries who are excited about the future of their field, that energy is contagious.

At its core, CONVERGE18 represents the complete experience of everyone and everything involved in the compliance space. As an industry leader, we feel that it’s our responsibility to host these conversations, and together we can advance society and the companies within society. We also feel that it’s our responsibility to help attendees have a ton of fun.

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to learn more and register!