CONVERGE17 Kicks Off in Denver

Is doing the right thing truly important to today’s businesses? For the global companies attending the first day of our CONVERGE17 event in Denver, the answer appears to be a resounding “yes.” That’s why they’re here…to take the lead in the ethical shift happening globally in business, and to help drive the conversation.

Ethics and compliance leaders from Airbnb, Microsoft, Under Armour, Philip Morris International, LinkedIn, Time Warner and many other companies, along with top industry analysts like Forrester and GRC 20/20, have come together to share their insights and learn from the best. They’re tackling the challenge of making the transition from reactive, checkbox compliance programs to proactively driving ethics and values to the core of the business.

And they’re asking tough questions. We’re hearing attendees such as general counsels and CCOs talk about what’s keeping them up at night:

  • What are the ethical implications of big data?
  • What am I not thinking about and what’s my blind spot?
  • How can we build a culture of trust?


In keynote sessions with ethics and compliance activist Hui Chen, Governor John Hickenlooper and others, at roundtables, and in panel discussions, attendees are gathering fresh insights that will help them not only build better ethics and compliance programs—but build better, more ethical companies. Here are some key takeaways from today:

  • Without ethics, compliance is just following orders
  • Companies are experiencing renewed enthusiasm and inspiration for the future of business, because it’s a much bigger discussion now than just compliance
  • CEOs don’t get fired for security breaches, they get fired for ethical lapses
  • Corporate ethics and values and doing the right thing drive bottom line value
  • CCOs are too often getting left out of critical business discussions, so they must go on the offensive and stay informed by the CEO about the company’s business goals, to create the greatest business value for their ethics and compliance program
  • Weaving ethics and compliance training into all other training programs across your organization helps employees understand that doing the right thing and doing their jobs well are equally important
  • Quality data and consistent analysis are critical to successfully creating an ethical culture
  • A new type of Code of Conduct is emerging: an interactive Code of Ethics where employees regularly engage with the code for short periods of time rather than simply reading it in its entirety, once
  • Companies must operationalize ethics, because if ethics is not a part of your core business strategy, you will not succeed in the 21st century

Check out our Day Two wrap-up for more fresh perspectives on how to elevate your ethics and compliance program for greater business success.