Compliance Program Awareness: Think Like a Marketer

Pro Tips for Effectively Marketing Your E&C Program Initiatives

How do you increase compliance program awareness and create meaningful engagement with your employees? Think of your program the way marketers think of a product they’ve been tasked with promoting—using behavioral science and modern promotional tactics to build awareness and keep your audience continually engaged.

CCOs and CMOs

Let’s address the obvious, not many see the connection between Chief Compliance Officers and Chief Marketing Officers. We could generalize CMOs as the creative types, right-brained, and emotionally driven; while we think of CCOs as realists, left-brained, and logically driven. Those generalizations paint a picture of two very different people. However, they face many of the same challenges:

  • Lead multi-disciplinary teams
  • Touch all departments
  • Conduct campaigns
  • Executive-level accountability
  • Drive continuous improvement

Though the challenges are similar, the toolkits and goals are often vastly different. But there is one tool in the CMO’s toolkit that can come in very handy for an engagement-starved compliance program: the awareness campaign. Let’s talk about how a marketing team goes about planning such a campaign, so we can mimic their efforts to build compliance program awareness.

The Compliance Program Awareness Campaign Brief

A Campaign Brief acts as a guide to help you organize and identify your audience. When questions and uncertainty arise, it keeps the focus and alignment of the campaign. The brief is made up of 5 questions and usually only requires a few data points. Below is an example of a campaign brief for a compliance program awareness campaign on gifts, travel, and entertainment (GT&E) policy.

Who is the target audience?
  • Primary: North American Sales Dept.
  • Secondary: Global Sales Teams
What are they doing now?
  • Unclear on global T&E Policy
  • Instances of GT&E policy abuse
What do we want them to do?
  • Take GT&E Training
  • Attest to GT&E Policy
How do we get them to do that?
  • Email campaign to Sales teams directing them to course and policy
  • Include a message from CRO on importance of policy
  • Communicate completion deadlines
What are the success criteria?
  • 100% policy attestations by Oct 31
  • 100% training completions by Dec 31

Grab a sample campaign brief here! 

Plan of Action

Looking for a tool that will make campaigns as easy as “1, 2, 3?” Using the Campaigns feature within the Convercent Ethics Cloud Platform, you can:

  • Design your campaign, with customized messaging and relevant action items, such as policy attestations and compliance trainings.
  • Target employee groups, with distribution company-wide or to specific employee groups, such as locations, teams, or departments.
  • Automate Follow-Up, with custom reminder emails that are triggered if action items aren’t completed by the required deadline.

For a deeper dive on everything you can accomplish using the Ethics Cloud Platform, schedule a demo with a member of our team today.

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