Compliance Metrics: Move from Best Practice to Standard Practice

Learn how to use compliance metrics by taking away any fear and uncertainty

Join us tomorrow, June 7 at 1:00 p.m. EST to learn ways in which you can better monitor and measure your ethics and compliance program and how to use the valuable data around you. Register here.

A few weeks ago, we were fortunate enough to have one our clients join us in our office for a weekly staff meeting and share some valuable practitioner insight.  To me, a total nerd for learning, it was like attending a concert of my favorite band –– I was excited, curious, and I had an insatiable appetite for the information being shared. We get so trapped in our everyday tasks and routines that we forget to come up for air once in a while. Having this guest speaker was the exact amount of air our lungs needed. And here’s why:

Hearing, seeing and feeling not only the passion of this guest, but the fortitude she has for her job, her employees and the company she represents is an aspect you cannot pick up on in a report or survey or news article.

Metrics are more than a trend – they are the new expected norm.
Our guest spoke about trends she is seeing in the industry, and among those trends was metrics. She told us that while most professionals know the importance of metrics, they don’t know how to use them; they don’t have the time to learn how with the multiple hats they are wearing; metrics are intimidating, etc.

Many, if not all, compliance officers no matter the industry they are practicing in know they have to use metrics to prove their validity, their effectiveness, and dare I say, their ROI. However, few if any, know HOW to leverage their data in such a way that it will impact the direction and strength of their program. This gap aligns perfectly with our latest resource: the Compliance Metrics Handbook.

We are taking this metrics conversation further and hosting an exclusive live webinar tomorrow afternoon that will dive much deeper into topics like how to assess what metrics you need for your program, how to build a metrics-based board report and more. Join us for a panel of world-class experts in this area of compliance, including:

  • Laura Jacobus, Advisor, Ethics and Compliance Adjunct Professor
  • Ronnie Kahn, EVP, Research and Program Development, ECI

Moderated by Convercent’s Chris Nixon, this webinar is going to extend the ever-popular metrics conversation one step further and explore the many ways in which you can use data in your everyday management practices. In turn, your program will become stronger, more reliable and respected as it will have the numbers to back up every move it makes.

Make sure you have our latest resource — the Compliance Metrics Handbook – before attending: Download your copy.

Don’t have time to attend in real-time? No worries — by registering, you will automatically receive the recording and presentation via email.