Is Compliance a Dirty Word?


When you examine industry trends, what makes up a healthy culture and understand how compliance is reshaping the way we work — you can’t help but notice the very word carries a negative conation to it. How can we align the shift in culture with a positive view of compliance?

Converse- Is Compliance a Dirty Word?I am insatiably curious, and in this industry, there is no shortage learning. As I am always looking to learn more, I seek out ways to help compliance professionals get the tools they need to continue building effective programs. With all the chatter in the media recently about culture, it got me thinking… has compliance always been viewed and perceived as a dirty word? If so, how does that impact this culture business?

I went to Keith Read, one of our in-house compliance and ethics experts. He was at British Telecom for nearly nine years as their Director of Global Compliance and GM of Supply Chain Management and has seen the industry change and take this new shape in business. Keith always has a unique view to share.

In this episode learn:

  • How compliance has evolved on a global scale.
  • How compliance can be a business enabler vs a business blocker.
  • The ingredients of building a compliance-first culture.
  • The Compliance Covenant: what it means and how to use it in your program and business.

Listen to the full episode below.