8 Key Steps to Develop and Maintain a Successful Helpline – Infographic

From the Executive Guide to High-Performance Workplace Helplines

8 steps for a successful helpline
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We recently published a new eBook, “Executive Guide to High-Performance Workplace Helplines,” which detailed several tips and tricks on why you should implement a helpline, how to get employees involved, and what to do with the data when you have it. Read on for a preview of the most important steps to take, and scroll to the bottom to download the entire eBook.

1. Raise Awareness

Develop a communication plan to get your Helpline visible including posters, video shorts, reminder emails, web links in training, town hall meetings.

2. Create a Speak-up Culture

Introduce Code of Conduct training, train and explain by demonstrating real-world scenarios, show how speaking-up helps maintain ethical culture.

3. Increase Accessibility

A Helpline needs to be easy to find and easy to access, put your Helpline link on your company’s main intranet homepage (illustrates its importance, value to the company).

4. Provide a Variety of Intake Methods

This gives employees flexibility and choice in how they report so they feel more comfortable using the channels. Many of them may not have regular access to a computer so mobile is a must.

5. Protect Confidentiality

If your employees don’t trust your ability to protect their confidentiality, your Helpline will fail. Provide anonymous reporting options to allow protection of employee identity so they feel safe reporting concerns that are detrimental to the company if not detected.

6. Communication

Reporters need to feel confident that their concerns are taken seriously, communication builds employee trust in the Helpline process.

7. Retaliation Prevention

Advise witnesses and reporters if they experience retaliation to report it.

8. Use the Data

Your helpline can be a huge asset to help you get insights on how your compliance programs are doing across the company. Analyze your helpline data to identify trends and hot spot locations, highlight issue areas that require more training.

Click here to download the eBook, Executive Guide to High-Performance Workplace Helplines.