2015 Compliance Executive Insights Webinar Recap

A special on-demand webinar hosted by Convercent and Ethisphere

We co-hosted a webinar with Ethisphere yesterday, led by CEO Patrick Quinlan and Ethisphere’s Erica Salmon Byrne, EVP of Governance and Compliance.

If you joined us, thanks for the fantastic questions and lively dialogue. As Patrick mentioned, please feel free to reach out if your question did not get answered. Send any and all questions over and we will get them answers and send responses back directly to you.

For those who missed, here are the cliff notes.

This webinar was an in-depth discussion into our joint survey we released last month, “Compliance Strategy and Performance.” We covered a lot of ground in a short hour including:

  • Measuring the ROI of your compliance program
  • Reporting structures and how this is changing
  • Using metrics to measure effectiveness, and where you can find the right data in your organization
  • How the role of compliance is changing and what this may look like over the course of the year
  • Getting more predictive with compliance rather than solely being reactive

Some key industry data points we dove into, in addition to our own survey findings, were:

  • 16% of surveyed CCOs report to the CEO
  • 34% of employees at companies in M&A situations experience retaliations- twice the rate as more stable workplaces
  • 27% increase in observed misconduct during M&A transitions

View and download the SlideShare and/or listen to the session.

Thank you for a great, interactive and engaging webinar full of fantastic dialogue. Be sure to check back with us to register and join our next compliance webinar – registration is opening soon.