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Assessing risk is—or should be—at the heart of any compliance program. Not only is the assessment of risk a key consideration outlined in the U.S. Federal Sentencing Guidelines and referenced in the 2012 DOJ/SEC FCPA Resource Guide, the operational and financial realities of most companies and compliance departments support a prioritized approach to designing and calibrating compliance initiatives around a company’s unique risk profile.This webinar is designed to help professionals at every stage of designing, implementing and assessing a risk-based compliance program. We’ll cover why a risk-based approach to compliance is vital and how best to implement a risk-based program, including actionable advice and current best practices around:

  • Identifying key risks pertinent to your business;
  • Prioritizing your approach to risks identified;
  • Implementing controls related to risk assessment; and
  • Benchmarking, monitoring and auditing how well your controls address your most pressing risks.


Kwamina Williford
Partner, Holland & Knight

Chris Caron
Compliance Director, Kiewit

Recorded Live: Thursday, January 14, 2015

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