Convercent Story

We started Convercent based on the observation that compliance has one of the last and largest unsolved software problems in the business world today. Global enterprises are managing bet-the-business issues on spreadsheets—or in a dozen different systems. We know there’s a better way and we’re here to bring it to the market.

Founded in April of 2012 after seed funding confirmed the market was ready for a cloud-based solution to modern compliance needs


In April, Convercent is born. Seed funding confirms that the market is ready for a new, cloud-based company that specifically meets modern compliance needs. We’re ready to fill that need, and product development begins in August.

Convercent kicked off 2013 by launching to the public and acquiring its first customer


We kick off the New Year by launching to the public and acquiring our first customer. The momentum doesn’t stop as the year continues. Support is now offered in more than 50 languages. Additional investors are brought on as Series A, then B, funding continues.

In 2014, Convercent creates a wall of bread slices to represent new customers and its 136% new bookings growth


Market demand isn’t slowing down, and Convercent earns 136% new bookings growth for Q2. We end the year with even more exciting news — 300% sales growth and a 75% spike in new users during 2014.

Convercent launched several product innovations with unique features in 2015


Product innovations continue throughout the year. We released an entirely unique feature, the ability to manage multiple allegations within a single case. Our Disclosure Manager also arrives — organizations finally have a straightforward interface that separates disclosure management from traditional case management.

To introduce compliance software globally, Convercent opened an office in London in 2015


With the opening of a new London office, Convercent continues to strive toward global domination of the compliance software space. Clearly, demand for compliance software is hot. We also hire our first CCO, start a Convercent Advisory Board, and host the first-ever CONVERGE conference.

Convercent has funding rounds of $10M & $25M to help its mission to drive ethics to the center of business for a better world


Additional $10M and $25M funding rounds help Convercent continue to drive ethics to the center of business for a better world. Being recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in technology on Deloitte’s 2017 North America Technology Fast 500 list inspired us to continue working hard to deliver true business value to companies around the world.

In 2018, Convercent introduced powerful Benchmarking capabilities and tools for GDPR compliance


Corporate ethical transformation was at the forefront of business in 2018. Key product milestones included powerful Benchmarking capabilities and tools for GDPR compliance. Global operations move to a sleek new office space in Denver and more than 300 compliance professionals from around the globe gather for the biggest CONVERGE conference yet.

In 2019, Convercent launched Interactive Code of Conduct to make it easier to engage employees and encourage ethical behavior


Another year, another round of exciting advancements in compliance software. We launch our Interactive Code of Conduct product, making it easier than ever to engage employees and encourage ethical behavior.

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