• Work shoulder to shoulder with talented, highly intelligent, fun-loving engineers on challenging problems.
  • Collaborate in small cross-functional teams to materialize high-quality solutions.
  • Immerse and participate in a self-organized, self-driven, accountable Agile engineering team.
  • Implement code patterns using modern Object Oriented engineering practices.
  • Build new solutions from the ground up or extend existing architecture patterns.
  • Build maintainable code that is testable and integrated into a Continuous Integration process.
  • Implement user interfaces with great user experience in mind for customers with needs from small business to enterprise.
  • Participate in code and design reviews to ensure standards are met across development and design.
  • Collaborate well across functions, thinking creatively, and problem-solving.
  • Working under tight deadlines and delivering highly testable, quality code in an agile environment.


  • 10+ years working with scalable web-based application interfaces and infrastructure.
  • 10+ years developing in C# and using object oriented development practices.
  • 7+ years working with web services.
  • 5+ years developing web based applications using ASP.Net/MVC 4 or MVC 5.
  • MS Test or NUnit skills are a must. Code testing is mandatory.
  • Strong test-driven approaches to web create testable UI patterns.
  • Strong understanding of Agile development methodology and prior Agile team experience.
  • Strong skills with XML and JSON.
  • Strong knowledge of client side development models using JavaScript, jQuery and Ajax.

Who We Are

Robust. Agile. Collaborative. And you should see our software. Bringing the transformative power of the cloud to the compliance and ethics industry, Convercent's award-winning SaaS solution empowers our customers to be more effective and efficient in managing their compliance efforts. With an inclination towards innovation, Convercent is helping our customers raise the standard--and expectations--for how companies safeguard their financial and reputational health.