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For companies that want to implement fast



For companies with a maturing speak-up program



For companies with significant reporting volume


Hotlines Designed for the Reporter—and the Admin

Convercent’s Helpline and Case Manager solutions help you build trust with reporters, increase report completion rates, and maximize your reporting rates. Remove barriers and guide your employees through the reporting process with an interface that’s easy to use. Plus, close cases faster and substantiate more easily with an intuitive case management system.


Helpline & Case Manager Pro

For companies looking for fast implementation and an easy-to-use, easy-to-configure helpline and case management solution

  • Supports up to 2,000 employees
  • Anonymous web and interactive voice response (IVR) intake
  • Automated triage: Get the right reports to the right people
  • Flexible, cost-effective contracts
  • Self-configurable intake and case manager
  • 20 languages supported for admins and reporters
  • In-app reporting on case volume trends
  • Built-in data privacy and information security

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Helpline & Case Manager PRO Graphic


Helpline & Case Manager Advanced

For maturing companies looking for sophisticated tools and features to advance your speak-up program

  • Multi-channel global intake
  • Global call center and toll-free lines
  • Robust language support and real-time translations
  • Automated triage: Get the right reports to the right people
  • Advanced case management
  • Communicate with reporters
  • Multiple anonymity options
  • Retaliation prevention and monitoring
  • In-app case-level reporting
  • Built-in data privacy and information security

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Helpline & Case Manager Enterprise

For companies with large reporting volume who need deeper risk visibility, rich analytics, and board-ready reporting

  • Multi-channel global intake
  • Global call center and toll-free lines
  • Robust language support and real-time translations
  • Automated triage: Get the right reports to the right people
  • Communicate with reporters
  • Multiple anonymity options
  • Retaliation prevention and monitoring
  • Integrated data and analytics with board-ready reporting
  • Built-in data privacy and information security

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Are you thinking about switching your compliance hotline provider?

Switching compliance hotlines shouldn’t be a scary process. At Convercent we migrate many companies off their existing compliance hotlines with no latency each month. Download our Helpline and Case Management Brochure to learn more about our whistleblower hotline solutions. If you have questions about switching, click here to see Helpline in action.

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Multiple Ways to Submit a Report

Convercent’s intake channels reduce emotional and functional barriers to optimize and humanize the whistleblowing experience. Choose only the channels you need, or choose them all—your Convercent helpline is fully customizable.

Telephone Intake Icon


Convercent maintains a national and international toll-free telephone service that utilizes multiple technologies and providers. Our call center is easy to reach in your native language from anywhere in the world at any time.

Web Intake Icon


The web interface for issue intake is based on modern technology with a clean, intuitive and seamless user experience. This integrated approach ensures there are no discrepancies between issues reported through
 different channels.

Mobile SMS Texting Intake Icon

Mobile Texting (SMS)

SMS intake doesn’t just increase accessibility, it also streamlines follow-up for reporters. After submitting their story, reporters receive a case number, which they can use to log in and check on the progress of their report.

Open-Door Proxy Intake Icon

Open-Door / Proxy

When reporters share their concerns directly with their manager, the manager can enter the conversation by proxy into the same compliance hotline case management system for investigation consistency and reporting.

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Best-in-class Telephony with Real-time Translations

Convercent offers an optimal compliance hotline experience for reporters, with consistently high satisfaction for call center agents. Plus, only Convercent offers true reliability and speed, thanks to automated phone line testing and simple, one-step dialing.

Our call centers are equipped to handle over 300 languages, while web intake can translate 54 different languages. Real-time translations are a critical part of maximizing report completion rates.


Manage, Investigate, and Close Cases 48% Faster than Industry Average

Ethics & Compliance teams close cases in an average of 23 days when using the Convercent Case Manager.

Centralized Case Management Image

Truly Centralized Case Management Software

Convercent’s Case Management system is built so that users experience minimal friction and understand intuitively how to navigate the process.

By centralizing all aspects of a reported case, this system maximizes efficiency, and collaboration across your ethics and compliance team.

Communicate with Reporting Party Image

Communication Builds Confidence

When a whistleblower submits their report and never hears back, they might wonder if their report went unaddressed. That’s the last thing your department wants.

With Convercent’s opt-in email alerts, reporters are notified when an investigator has taken on their case—even if they’ve chosen to remain anonymous. Plus, investigators and compliance teams can communicate directly with the reporting party.

Unlimited Admin Users Image

Compliance is a Multi-Department Effort

A common misconception is that compliance users handle the entire intake process and case management system all on their own. But engaging other departments, like HR, ultimately increases user adoption and drives broader data and analytics capabilities.

With Convercent Case Manager, customers can add as many Admin Users as they need at no charge. Custom permissions allow the Admin with “the keys to the castle” to restrict access and ensure access to sensitive information is tightly managed.

Centralized Case Management Image

One Report, Multiple Allegations

Compliance incident reports are rarely simple and straightforward—they often involve multiple parties and multiple types of allegations.

Convercent’s Case Manager allows unlimited allegations to be attached to each case. Each allegation can be managed to closure by tracking substantiation, action taken, and key findings involving a variety of involved parties, including subject, witnesses, and reporting parties.

Case Manager Investigation Tasks

Streamline Investigations with Open Tasks

Streamline investigations with Convercent’s Case Manager by assigning specific tasks to each investigator and tracking the progress of each task.

Tasks can also help you build a more robust retaliation monitoring program. Set a task for 90-120 days in the future that requires investigators to check in with the reporter and see if they have experienced retaliation.

Standard Convercent Hotline Reporting Data Image


Standardize Your Compliance Hotline Data & Reporting

Convercent’s Helpline and Case Management tool is packaged with basic out-of-the-box reports that help you consistently report key compliance hotline metrics.

These reports include:

  • Cases By Anonymity
  • Cases By Department
  • Cases By Location
  • Cases By Intake Method

INSIGHTS with Helpline and Case Manager Enterprise

Use Data to Move from Reactive to Predictive and Prescriptive

With Helpline and Case Manager Enterprise’s Insights analytics tool, you will unlock actionable insights into your ethics and compliance program. You will no longer be asking “What has happened?” (reactive), but instead “What could happen?” (predictive) and eventually, “What should we do?”

Compliance Data Analytic Cards Image


Real-time Insights, Benchmarking, and more

Insights reduces the time you spend preparing board reports from weeks to minutes. You’re armed with compelling visualizations that track program effectiveness, so you can lead proactively and promote positive change in your organization.

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Identify Systemic Problems and Prevent Future Incidents

Program assessments and regular benchmarking highlight problem areas in relation to federal guidelines and expectations, but root cause analysis shines a light on problems within your organization right down to the employee level—things that more structured assessments might not uncover.

Helpline and Case Manager Enterprise allows investigators to capture and record organizational, behavioral and external contributing factors. You can visualize reported issue outliers and identify 
root causes.

Compliance Root-Cause Analysis Image


Convercent’s Employee Scorecard is a powerful tool, aggregating all an employees’ different interactions with the Convercent  application (ie. separate allegations, conflict of interest disclosures, gifts and entertainment), giving investigators an accurate perspective of an employee’s ethical behavior when initially kicking off an investigation.

Ethics & Compliance Employee Scorecard Image

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