One platform to manage and measure your entire compliance program.

Integration gives you better visibility, greater control and more measurable results.

From integrated inputs to aggregated reports, Convercent is designed to surface urgent issues fast, directing your attention to the concerns that matter most. In one intuitive platform, Convercent coordinates the design, implementation and measurement of your entire compliance program. With all of the information you care about in one place, you can respond more rapidly, make more informed decisions and finally measure how effective your compliance program truly is.


Risk Manager

Design a risk-based compliance program


Your compliance program’s effectiveness hinges on how well your organization’s leadership, initiatives, controls and responses account for the likelihood and severity of your unique risks. Convercent helps you design a risk-based program; implement initiatives and processes based on your risks; and measure how well your initiatives address your risks. Prioritize your efforts by accounting for risk severity and use comprehensive, integrated data to defend your program and continuously improve it.

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Policy & Learning Manager

Implement and manage compliance initiatives


Because your Code of Conduct, policies, training courses and compliance communications serve as critical front-line compliance controls, standardizing their distribution and measuring their acknowledgement dramatically reduces risk and corporate culpability. Convercent can send any combination of related policy and training content in a single communication, enabling your team to collect, track and report on all attestations and completions in real time. When integrated with hotline, disclosure and other compliance data within Convercent, you’ll have a clear understanding of where your initiatives are effectively curbing risk—and where improvements need to be made.

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Disclosure Manager

Identify relationships that pose a risk


Effectively managing conflicts of interest (COIs)—established as drivers of business risk and misconduct—represents a major opportunity to reduce compliance risk. Convercent provides a defensible framework to collect, manage and update employee and third party relationship disclosures to ensure transparency, promote fair business practices and address risks at their root cause. Convercent separates COI management from traditional hotline reporting to increase the likelihood employees will be open and honest in their reports, providing you with the ability to track, manage, update and monitor COIs on an ongoing basis.

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Hotline & Case Manager

Surface and respond to incidents


Centralized reporting channels—including anonymous hotlines, web portals and in-person reports—allow your organization to identify misconduct, ensure an appropriate response to prevent legal and reputational fallout and make adjustments to prevent a recurrence. Convercent provides an intuitive, non-threatening intake process to route all organizational issues; a standardized and defensible framework to investigate, document and resolve issues; and agile reporting functionality that relates your hotline and investigations data to your risks and initiatives for full context around incidents.

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