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Compliance Program Limitations & Capabilities

As compliance programs mature, organizations realize they need to leave behind siloed initiatives—limited by disconnected data, missed insights and time-sucking spreadsheets—and embrace the capabilities of an integrated solution that ultimately makes it easier to design, implement and measure an effective, risk-based compliance program. With the right technology, professionals can easily access real-time insights, improve reporting and visibility, mitigate risk and protect their company.

This infographic and checklist will help you evaluate your compliance program’s limitations, capabilities and maturity:

  • 1.0 – You're using basic tools such as SharePoint and Excel.
  • 2.0 – Your program consists of siloed solutions for individual compliance needs (such as case, policy, risk and disclosure).
  • 3.0 – You have an integrated solution that combines all your compliance initiatives into a central platform and enables easy reporting, flexibility and control.

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